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  1. FAV

    AS2 Remove HTML Tags from Text

    ActionScript 4 views posted 10 years ago by adrianparr
  2. FAV

    Scrollbar for dynamic text

    I'm not sure where this comes from, although it looks official. It's easy to implement, but to change the height of the scrollbar you have to delve into the developer assets folder within the FLA.
    ActionScript saved by 1 person 0 views posted 12 years ago by Winkyboy
  3. FAV

    Search and replace text in a string

    ActionScript 2 views posted 12 years ago by Bonky
  4. FAV

    Replace function on text strings

    Builds a function which replace some caracters
    ActionScript saved by 6 people 2 views posted 13 years ago by dandyna
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