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Install composer PHP dependency manager
0 10 posted 5 years ago by oxnard
This shell script helps to refresh a propel schema from an existing database using (the "old") Symfony 1.2 and avoiding the "CURRENT_TIMESTAMP" (MySQL) bug.
0 9 posted 9 years ago by PixEye
here's a script, mod_files.sh, in ext/session for creating directory tree with depth X for sessions. As it stands, it's pretty poorly documented and very basic. I * got exceptionally bored and rewrote most of it, the patch is attached. It runs...
0 23 posted 10 years ago by nkm
0 16 posted 10 years ago by gpupo
0 12 posted 10 years ago by rowntreerob
drop the prefix fields and sort , profile by type
0 28 posted 10 years ago by rowntreerob
Here's a simple one liner you can use to syntax check all php files in your working directory.
0 16 posted 11 years ago by endorfin
This code will start searching from / if no shell argument passed. You may want to adjust this default directory to the location of your apache directory instead for speed purposes.
0 27 posted 11 years ago by koncept
Recursively SVN rename (move) all thtml-files to ctp-files . Fires this up in CakePHPs /views path.
0 24 posted 11 years ago by zingo
Il suffit de créer une page PHP et y placer un phpinfo() ou si vous avez accès au serveur en ligne de commande (Putty, WinSCP, ...), vous pouvez tapez cette commande. Dans l'exemple, nous souhaitons savoir si l'extension openssl est présente et no...
0 25 posted 12 years ago by cyo
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