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ChucK is a strongly-timed, concurrent, and On-the-fly Audio Programming Language. A Bundle to edit ChucK files in the TextMate editor is created at Github. To install it execute in Terminal:
0 12 posted 7 years ago by Thommm
Now when you do a git commit without specifying a commit message, TextMate will pop-up and allow you to enter a commit message in it. When you save the file and close the window, the commit will go through as normal. (If you have another text editor...
0 36 posted 8 years ago by magicrebirth
Respects tab size setting
0 13 posted 9 years ago by nikc
This is a script for finding a string in files under a current folder in TextMate. It can be very convenient if you know what you are looking is in a particular folder by saving your time searching each file individually or going through a long list...
0 15 posted 10 years ago by phalkunz
Here's how you can update Textmate to include MXML
0 12 posted 11 years ago by chrisaiv
##Instructions 1. Create a new Command: Bundles > Bundle Editor > Edit Commands 2. Click the "+" button to add a new command 3. Give your command a descriptive name ("TM Path in title", for example) 4. Set the following properties on the command...
3 38 posted 11 years ago by koncept
0 14 posted 12 years ago by assbach
add "void Init_client(){}" to the bottom of Client.m
0 16 posted 12 years ago by sou
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