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  1. FAV

    Format Date In Batch File

    Nice script for formatting dates in a batch file without having the system locale settings impact your format
    DOS Batch 6 views posted 5 years ago by kidmizere
  2. FAV

    Add a current date to a file

    This is a batch file that will add the date to the end of all files in a particular directory located on the user's desktop and place them in a directory called Output_Renamed on the user's desktop.
    DOS Batch saved by 4 people 5 views posted 7 years ago by _reydin_
  3. FAV

    Get the Installation date of your Windows System with netsh

    This command will tell you the date of Installation of your Windows System. The result will look like this: *InstallDate = 11:48:12 28.06.2010*
    DOS Batch 4 views posted 9 years ago by bits
  4. FAV

    Get current date in format YYYYMMDD

    The code works if and only if your system is using English(United States) date format (i.e. "Web 05/11/2011"). If your systems is using English(United Kingdom) date format just replace %%B in the first and third rows with %%A.
    DOS Batch 5 views posted 9 years ago by cappellin
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