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  1. FAV

    Batch code to process files with a certain filename in a directory

    This will loop through files in somefolder with the extension .c, print out the filename and compile the files.
    DOS Batch 10 views posted 6 years ago by stianlagstad
  2. FAV

    DOS Batch: Mirror Contents of One Directory to Another with Prompt using Robocopy

    This batch mirrors the contents of one directory to another using Robocopy. It will display a list of what is being mirrored before prompting the user for confirmation on the mirror. WARNING: Robocopy's /MIR switch that is used in this batch WILL...
    DOS Batch saved by 1 person 3 views posted 9 years ago by karlhorky
  3. FAV

    DOS List Items in Directory

    Run from within SQL to get list of items in directory to a table.
    DOS Batch saved by 2 people 3 views posted 11 years ago by DaveChild
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