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  1. FAV

    Find Pairs of Numbers

    Write a code that will find the sum of any pairs of numbers
    Java 6 views posted 5 years ago by rikesh_kisnah
  2. FAV

    Multiplication of large numbers (Multiplicación de números grandes)

    An example of Karatsuba algorithm for multiplication of n digit numbers.
    Java 3 views posted 8 years ago by josepino
  3. FAV

    PC Guesses Remembered Number

    The player selects a range from 0 to n, remembers a number in this range and then the script asks the player a question trying to guess the number. The PC will always guess the correct number.\r\n\r\nI could have added more varied questions, but the...
    Java 0 views posted 9 years ago by Sverri
  4. FAV

    Random Integer between 1 and n

    This was an example provided for us to generate a number between 1 and n. The URL included was the best explaination I could find. Substitute any number in place of the 1 for a different starting number. Take the starting number from your highest num...
    Java 2 views posted 10 years ago by joshnunn
  5. FAV

    Java prime number generator

    Java saved by 1 person 2 views posted 13 years ago by gdonald
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