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in jquery mobile, .html() not refresh DOM. Execute this function after any DOM change.
0 103 posted 7 years ago by goo
Here’s a very simple script which adds numbers sequentially to an unordered list using jQuery
0 102 posted 8 years ago by satie83
3 94 posted 9 years ago by batamire
When injecting via jQuery HTML content which contains script tags referencing external scripts, which are then referenced via scripting elsewhere in the injected HTML, some browsers (Chrome) will not wait for the external scripts to load causing the...
2 107 posted 9 years ago by harikaram
This snippet of code is probably the most common and _valuable_ in the world of jQuery.
1 81 posted 9 years ago by creativeboulder
1 75 posted 9 years ago by arif
If you want to trigger an event on an matched element and that element may be introduced into the DOM from an Ajax request, you can still match against it by using the livequery plugin and the following code.
1 47 posted 10 years ago by Meander365
Example: Add the following ccs '@media print { body { font-size: 12pt } }' to the document.
0 130 posted 11 years ago by HubertGaulin
Great little snippit to add a <tr> to the bottom of a table. Note the use of the context in the jQuery e.g var n = $('tr:last td', this).length; Will have to use this in the future, very good to know!
4 192 posted 11 years ago by 1man
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