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This code snippet fetches the very latest minified version of jQuery from Google's CDN. If this is not available, we revert to a locally stored version (current version at time of publish was 1.7.1 - update this to suit going forward).
1 124 posted 8 years ago by Huskie
To get the most recent version in the 1.x.x family.
0 99 posted 8 years ago by Huskie
If you are struggling against some problems with google maps and tabs be aware that, in order to avoid problems, jQuery sets the width & height of every hidden element to Zero. To fix this problem all you have to do is trigger the resize event and...
1 122 posted 8 years ago by Whiteagle
Instead of putting "1.4.2" or whatever in the src, if you just put "1", you'll get the most recent version. At least until they release v2.
1 65 posted 9 years ago by matula
2 68 posted 9 years ago by athanassiadis
This will automatically tag external links and prefix the URL with '/outgoing' for tracking in Google Analytics. The pageTracker is assumed to be added to the page elsewhere in the markup. By default it is applied to all links contained in the BODY t...
0 68 posted 9 years ago by rgsmith007
Related Categories: jQuery, Tips We've all heard the best practices recommendation to load jQuery (or other JavaScript libraries) from a CDN, such as Google's for performance reasons. But what happens if, in the rare chance, Google's network is do...
2 89 posted 9 years ago by stancox
If you are working on apps development to adapt on different sites that you don't have access to them, and need to load Jquery, but don't wanna load it twice this will help you !
3 102 posted 10 years ago by crispunk
0 42 posted 10 years ago by almazom
Detects all external/outgoing links, adds class, & adds target = _blank. When using a strict doctype, this method is valid when using target manipulation.
1 59 posted 10 years ago by dsntos
1 55 posted 11 years ago by kokikr
1 72 posted 11 years ago by kokikr
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