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IE notification to upgrade your browser
0 94 posted 8 years ago by raz
Simple solution found via link. Just edit code from demo page(s). Also http://uniformjs.com/
0 105 posted 8 years ago by rumremix
The HTML simply discovers if it's IE and its version or if it's not IE. The jQuery discovers if it's IE, Firefox, Webkit Engine (Chrome and Safari) or Opera and its version as an integer.
1 167 posted 8 years ago by cesarkohl
this problem happen only on IE
1 52 posted 9 years ago by crispunk
0 51 posted 9 years ago by touffies
Internet Explorer does not support a standards compliant way to create text shadows. Learn how to emulate the CSS3 feature with this jQuery plugin.
3 139 posted 10 years ago by neal_grosskopf
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