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In scripts.js
0 121 posted 7 years ago by wanlapat
I have made a small jQuery snippet to demo the image swapping with attr() funciton. The demo uses 2 images with classes img1 and img2 respectively. On a click of a button, the images are swapped. Basically the script stores “src” value into...
0 112 posted 7 years ago by vijayrajesh
If you have a list of images and want'them all to preload before page is shown. This function is very useful. I use it in various cases working with Phonegap to get my app a better native experience.
0 84 posted 7 years ago by bernhardb
Thank you marcg for posting this on Snipplr http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1379994/detect-when-a-specific-image-has-finished-loading
0 89 posted 8 years ago by focal55
Creates rotating background images with a smooth transition.
1 85 posted 8 years ago by ryonley
Really simple jQuery random image
0 64 posted 8 years ago by i-am-andy
This is how you can add a file/image upload tool to your forms and have AJAX store the file with PHP and return a thumbnailed version to the user for display on the form. Nice.
2 78 posted 9 years ago by jquery4u
So today I created a html image map which creates dynamic links based on the color of the pixel that the user clicked.
0 67 posted 9 years ago by jquery4u
0 51 posted 9 years ago by dcoulton
A simple script that will add captions to images and allow for easy styling.
1 63 posted 9 years ago by dom111
Very easy way to preload images which are needed later (e.g. when a hover is performed)
4 93 posted 9 years ago by iqwebdev
Each image button requires two images to represent two states: the off-state and the on-state. In this case, the on-state has "_ovr" appended.
0 62 posted 10 years ago by nijgnet
grabs image alt or src and appends it to a title
1 68 posted 10 years ago by vagrantradio
Taken from TVIDesign's 25 Excellent jQuery tips
0 78 posted 10 years ago by nd6
Used this on a project to determine whether images were loaded or not. In an image carousel, for example, you could test the next/clicked image before advancing the slide, and if 'loaded' wasn't 'true', you could add a "loading" class and attach a ne...
3 52 posted 11 years ago by dougunderscorenelson
1 61 posted 11 years ago by philokezzar
Simple imagefader to rotate around a few images. Seem to be doing this a lot in various projects so decided to put something a bit more generic together. Uses jQuery. Images named as car1.jpg, car2.jpg, car3..... etc.
3 91 posted 11 years ago by 1man
[Video Example](http://screencast.com/t/L6E0xI0J5P) A cross browser image caption on mouseover. Using jquery, CSS. This is a bit crude but pretty simple to implement. Just change the image width, some css to match that image size and create dyn...
4 120 posted 11 years ago by jadedbat
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