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0 115 posted 5 years ago by olesla
Set a variable by getting the URLs id with PHP. Find the the option with the name value that is equal with the variable and add "selected" to it.
0 113 posted 8 years ago by LadyLoomis
Select dinamico para el cambio de
0 60 posted 8 years ago by serialk89
Enviar datos por medio de $.ajax, propidad de jquery que permite ocupar ajax con php en jquery, se puede ocupar para cualquier cosa
0 98 posted 9 years ago by serialk89
These days when you are using forms you need some sort of protection from bots and spammers.
2 70 posted 9 years ago by jquery4u
The uploaded file is attached to the "pid" of the recently inserted project. the "pid" variable is retrieved from the database after the project has been entered
2 87 posted 9 years ago by danhanly
No entiendo xq no procesa esta formulario...? si en lugar de hacer un ajax.post hacemos un div_id.setInnerFBML(formdata); No printa en ajaxMessage nada, lo deja en blanco.
1 50 posted 9 years ago by estadoactivo
This is a two file video player. I use JSON to get the list of videos from a user, then when a thumbnail is clicked, an AJAX request is sent with the id of the video, and an oEmbed response is sent back.
4 60 posted 9 years ago by mloberg
This is the code to make a simple gallery really fast, with php, jquery and a dir full of pictures.
2 180 posted 10 years ago by ginoplusio
This is a bit of jQuery within a PHP function that you can dump into your Thesis custom_functions.php file to hide comments upon page load and add a link to show them.
2 64 posted 11 years ago by kristarella
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