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0 55 posted 6 years ago by MistaTwista
I've previously posted this here: http://snipplr.com/view/59044/flexible-site-layout-with-resize-detection/ This new version is short and more efficient, plus it no longer shows 1 (harmless) error on launch. Works the same as last time, the sizabl...
2 114 posted 8 years ago by FatFolderDesigner
0 99 posted 8 years ago by grgcnnr
Still problematic... 1. The source of the iframe content must reside on the same domain 2. if the content inside the iframe changes height, this won't adapt 3. I left Google Analytics code off the demo above, as when I added it in it seems to in...
1 105 posted 9 years ago by dubogii
simple jquery plugin that powers the text auto-resizing that is the basis of textagon.com
0 57 posted 9 years ago by secretgspot
1 73 posted 9 years ago by arif
need to be reviewed
2 50 posted 10 years ago by bionickid
1 56 posted 10 years ago by stancox
1 61 posted 11 years ago by philokezzar
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