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  1. FAV

    Kill/Remove/Hide a LeadPages ExitBox on a single page

    Useful when using a template or Wordpress and the LeadPages code is called on every page and there is a single page you don't want the fancy exit marketing signup form to appear. The LeadBox external code has a boolean variable called 'safetyCheck...
    jQuery 6 views posted 4 years ago by mountainash
  2. FAV

    jQuery Basic Setup

    Basic setup code for jQuery, linking to Google APIs for the jQuery library.
    jQuery saved by 18 people 81 views posted 8 years ago by adrianparr
  3. FAV

    Simple jQuery Rotator

    The code is in three parts, a HTML layout (with some requirements I'll go over below), some CSS code (again, requirements below) and the actual jQuery code. I go over all the code in detail at the link, but I'll give a quick rundown od the jQuery as...
    jQuery 7 views posted 8 years ago by FatFolderDesigner
  4. FAV

    jQuery.getScript() does not cache – Jamie Thompson

    Cache control when pulling in scripts, redefined "getScript" function
    jQuery 2 views posted 9 years ago by lamebollock
  5. FAV

    Uploadify JQuery & PHP/MySQL Database Control

    The uploaded file is attached to the "pid" of the recently inserted project. the "pid" variable is retrieved from the database after the project has been entered
    jQuery saved by 12 people 1 views posted 9 years ago by danhanly
  6. FAV

    Alterar imagem - hover

    jQuery saved by 2 people 0 views posted 9 years ago by rbulgueroni
  7. FAV

    jQuery dynamic loader - load jquery using pure js javascript if jQ is undefined or does not exist

    jQuery 2 views posted 9 years ago by brandonjp
  8. FAV

    jQuery Automatic Script Includer

    If you have a lot of javascript you need to load to make your page work, but don't want to load all of it before the user sees your page, you can use this handy script to backload it all.
    jQuery saved by 12 people 6 views posted 11 years ago by garside
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