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  1. FAV

    custom jquery selectbox dropdown

    Simple solution found via link. Just edit code from demo page(s). Also http://uniformjs.com/
    jQuery 7 views posted 7 years ago by rumremix
  2. FAV

    Custom Select Box CSS Style Plugin: jQuery + CSS

    NOTE: THIS HAS BEEN MOVED TO GITHUB: If you have any ideas or improvements for this script feel free to fork or contribute or discuss over there: https://github.com/adamcoulombe/jquery.customSelect Plugin Download: http://www.adamcoulombe.info...
    jQuery saved by 18 people 17 views posted 9 years ago by adamcoulombe
  3. FAV

    jQuery: Setting Multiple CSS Properties

    jQuery saved by 12 people 2 views posted 10 years ago by benwasilewski
  4. FAV

    jQuery: select first and/or last list items

    Select the first and last item in an unordered list. As an example, I add a CSS class to each. In WordPress, it's not so easy to get wp\_list\_pages() to generate these classes. jQuery provides an easy out for javascript-enabled clients.
    jQuery 3 views posted 10 years ago by cyberhobo
  5. FAV

    In wordpress navigation, target the first & last li tags & style

    Use javascript to add a class of last onto the first and the last li tags in the navigation (add to global.js). Then use css to style. For instance, if the first li is home, you can set the css to hide this link (if you want the logo to act as your h...
    jQuery saved by 25 people 4 views posted 10 years ago by kstetson
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