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pass if on url param
0 80 posted 6 years ago by thesmu
Use this snippet to check if user supplied URL is a valid Youtube URL. Has support for youtu.be shortened URL's too.
1 104 posted 8 years ago by Morg
Grab the hashtag at the end of the current URL.
0 146 posted 8 years ago by LadyLoomis
Made for WebCloud.
1 75 posted 8 years ago by Schart
This is an improvement on http://snipplr.com/view/11583/retrieve-url-params-with-jquery/ I found IE wasn't liking the results[1] when no param was set. This fixes that issue.
6 605 posted 10 years ago by geekyjohn
21 397 posted 11 years ago by garside
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