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  1. FAV

    XHTML Strict Anchor jQuery Fix

    The most annoying thing I find working with the strict doctype is the inability to send users off to a site in a new window. To combat this, I always use the above snippet. Some people just stick the attribute on the anchors when the page loads...
    jQuery 3 views posted 9 years ago by digitalclubb
  2. FAV

    Valid (X)HTML Strict with external links

    Uses jQuery to give links with rel=\"external\" the ability to open in a new window, while keeping the document XHTML or HTML Strict. Works by assigning a \"_blank\" value to the \"target\" attribute of all such links after the page has already loade...
    jQuery 3 views posted 9 years ago by Moridin
  3. FAV

    jQuery Plugin to Truncate text based on width

    This plugin will, by default, truncate a block of text down to one line at its current width (if the text block exceeds 1 line). You can also pass in a pixel value and it will truncate it to that width.
    jQuery 4 views posted 10 years ago by adamcoulombe
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