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0 62 posted 9 years ago by kashif21
How to Export Data From SQL Server to Microsoft Excel Datasheet
0 134 posted 9 years ago by derebus
Declaramos tantas variables como campos vaya a devolver la select que nos estamos currando para el cursor, en este ejemplo con dos campos vamos contentos: * declare @campo1 int * declare @campo2 int Ahora declaramos el cursor, al cual...
0 83 posted 9 years ago by derebus
1 70 posted 10 years ago by CDIDevs
From StackOverflow. I'm still not quite happy with my understanding of it, but it looks an order of magnitude more elegant than most I've found.
0 103 posted 10 years ago by rengber
If a "InReplyToID" is provided, it must be a valid MessageId
1 146 posted 10 years ago by rengber
Fields are tab delimited and need to match table schema. I've found the tab separator ASCII(009) preferable over using a comma. The second version can help remove double quotation marks around character fields. Don't forget the keyword LOC...
0 123 posted 11 years ago by RICHARDP
You can store an IP address in an INT UNSIGNED (4 bytes) which is of course much more efficient and faster than a CHAR(15). MySQL has two built-in functions: INET_ATON() and INET_NTOA(). These two functions are used allover the place in any TCP/IP s...
0 104 posted 12 years ago by zingo
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