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  1. FAV

    Example XML Form Abstraction of a Zend_Form object

    an example on how to build xml of a Zend_Form for XSLT use
    XML 1 views posted 9 years ago by iroybot
  2. FAV

    Magento: Inserting Static Block in Magento Templates

    XML 2 views posted 9 years ago by Savio
  3. FAV

    Auto-Completion Config for Eclipse PDT

    Put in the project's .project file.
    XML 0 views posted 10 years ago by codegoat
  4. FAV

    Add custom/user-defined function highlighting to the default PHP.plist for e text editor

    This will highlight all functions not previously defined in PHP for the e text editor. They are assigned to the "entities" in the theme editor. By default, they are highlighted only when originally defined, but not when they are in use in your cod...
    XML 2 views posted 12 years ago by rjm1982
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