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This is a simple script to go into your downloads directory ( mac ). Move everything to a .YYYY-MM-DD folder. Thus you Downloads directory gets cleaned up and anything that was there has been placed into a hidden folder for finding later. My Downl...
1 439 posted 10 years ago by brownrl
Requires youtube-dl to be in the directory.
0 382 posted 11 years ago by mattneary
0 398 posted 12 years ago by crackiron
Allows you to look for an exact word search
0 390 posted 12 years ago by karmacode
Put this line in your .bashrc. If the user has a directory named 'bin' then that will be added to the PATH. All scripts in that path (wich are executable) will be available as commands to that user.
0 767 posted 13 years ago by berkes
3 480 posted 13 years ago by cshaiku
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