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Because onDragOver in AS2 doesn't really work, here is some script for actually detecting whether the mouse button is held down when rolling over something. NOTE that for ideal usage, you will have to write some actual collision detection between th...
0 296 posted 13 years ago by Winkyboy
This takes whatever object you want (called YOUR_OBJECT in the source) and traces out each child of that object. Pretty useful for debugging an add/removeChild issue.
1 774 posted 13 years ago by benwasilewski
A working example that uses BlaszDS in order to serialize Java object into AMF (this code should be cleaned up a bit), in order for it to compile and work it is required to add flex-messaging-core.jar and flex-messaging-common.jar to the classpath.
0 406 posted 13 years ago by narkisr
How to create a basic class in AS3 and extend it if needed.
3 418 posted 13 years ago by 1man
This snippet shows how to serialize action script object to strings, the serialization method is AMF based, note also that each object must meet three basic rules in order to be serialized properly: ¨1. The constructor must take no arguments...
1 489 posted 13 years ago by narkisr
1 285 posted 13 years ago by Meestercor
2 280 posted 13 years ago by manec
Recursively trace an array or object in Actionscript.
0 283 posted 13 years ago by mattkenefick
Small function that returns a random rounded value between two given numbers.
0 384 posted 13 years ago by Wiederkehr
1 295 posted 13 years ago by imhugo
I use these main import statements for the begaining of all my Actionscript 3 projects. The last two are custom classes that I use for tweening. One class is called Tweener and the other is called TweenLite.
2 346 posted 13 years ago by mswallace
This is a handy little function that takes the htmlText value of a TextField and ads a specified tag at the beginning and end of the string. Handy for quick formatting tags such as bold, italic, underline, but could be used to add complex style data...
0 326 posted 13 years ago by discorax
Using a string built at runtime to reference objects in Flex. From the help docs.
1 547 posted 14 years ago by justcaldwell