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This is probably the first vertical JavaScript text ticker that sues tilted letters. Works with Internet Explorer 6x/7x/8x/9x, Firefox 3.6x, Opera 10.5x and Google Chrome 4x/5x/6x. Older Browsers show no ticker.
0 479 posted 11 years ago by fabulant
What's so special about this JavaScript slideshow? By moving your cursor all over the webpage you create a nice distortion effect on your images.
0 424 posted 11 years ago by fabulant
adapted from: [http://aktuell.de.selfhtml.org/artikel/javascript/fader-framework/bilderslideshow.htm](http://aktuell.de.selfhtml.org/artikel/javascript/fader-framework/bilderslideshow.htm)
0 455 posted 12 years ago by cfleschhut
For user-friendly animations on hover event. Prevents repeating animations when hovering object many many times. Example needs "jquery.color" plugin for color animations. But you can use any animations you want.
0 430 posted 14 years ago by DesTincT
I'm sure i can clean this up quite a bit, but it works for the moment. This function looks to see if you are on a selected page. If you are it hides the navigation, then loops through and shows each li one after the other. So they don't all fade i...
0 449 posted 14 years ago by 1man
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