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Used to stretch a video / image to fill a background without skewing. Attach to resize events
0 384 posted 8 years ago by rickygri
Funció que agafa les mides de la pantalla i redimensiona proporcionalment una imatge per a que s'adapti a ella.
0 314 posted 9 years ago by hectorlorenzo
The canvas drawImage size default is 300 x 150, so it's using the CSS to resize the canvas. Example posted at http://pastebin.me/76aed7005b1b413ea3c479287f4dbd59
0 678 posted 12 years ago by Motty
I just put all the functions in here the validateConfPass function uses the key event and the two text fields to change the background color of the confPassword field when it does not equal the pass field
0 359 posted 12 years ago by jlvallelonga
paste above in HEAD tag
1 275 posted 14 years ago by clapfouine
Stop the background image flickering on IE by including this code in the header of your page. See link for more information.
2 368 posted 15 years ago by 1man
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