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You can use Curl to create a backup of your site easily. It is very effective method for those who complain that they lost site content.
0 454 posted 9 years ago by codehero11
This is a php script to trigger a cpanel full backup to the servers home directory OR a remote ftp server
0 412 posted 11 years ago by leoj3n
You can use this code under MIT licence.
0 590 posted 12 years ago by digitalzoomstudio
The script below connects to a MySQL database server on "localhost" using the login name "test" and password "123456" and then connects to the database "test". It then copies the table structure and data from the table "products" to a new table "prod...
4 704 posted 12 years ago by fackz
2 520 posted 13 years ago by iTony
Database backup function that you can call whenever you want — including nightly CRONs.
6 577 posted 13 years ago by fackz
14 620 posted 14 years ago by iTony
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