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2 526 posted 14 years ago by paramah
Simply paste the list of URLs into stdin. You can add the option `-P 4` to parallelize the downloads.
1 533 posted 14 years ago by xenonite
This will start at the specified URL and recursively download pages up to 3 links away from the original page, but only pages which are in the directory of the URL you specified (emacstips/) or one of its subdirectories. wget will also rewrite the...
10 755 posted 14 years ago by rwczippy
Little script which call tinyurl.com via 'curl' for generate a sort url of the url you pass.
0 834 posted 15 years ago by Juanje
3 525 posted 15 years ago by multani
Improved blipsend miniapp Requires curl, zenity and sed
0 400 posted 15 years ago by lukaszkorecki
In light of last nights tornado warnings here in TN, I thought it appropriate to post this little bit of code that I use to alert myself and others of dangerous weather conditions via SMS/Email alerts. I run this through cron at Dreamhost without...
9 685 posted 15 years ago by johnself
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