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This is used to validate a date in a specific format. The code example is to validate whether it is a valid dd/MM/yyyy Date Format.
1 13442 posted 3 years ago by jlustre
Permet de préremplir des champs avec le premier et le dernier jour du mois courant au format jj/mm/aaaa
0 738 posted 8 years ago by Igeco
Calculates the time in hh:mm:ss between two dates Usage: var past = new Date('1/1/2013'); var now = new Date(); var lapsed = past.lapsed(now);
0 467 posted 9 years ago by camdagr8
I don't really know how other people do this kind of thing, but this was my take.
0 566 posted 9 years ago by domramirez
Javascript which converts a Date object into an ISO 8601 formatted string - 'YYYY-MM-DDTHH:mm:ss.sssZ' - with a fallback for when the function 'toISOString' doesn't exist (e.g. IE 8 or less). Usage: var now = new Date; console.log(now.toISOStrin...
0 1042 posted 10 years ago by davidwaterston
Often on a page footer, we want a copyright date range starting with the year the website was launched and ending the current year. Doing this dynamically means no need to update on 1/1 every year. The js snippet below uses the server date to accompl...
0 602 posted 10 years ago by rumremix
Javascript Basic Date Formatter
0 1225 posted 10 years ago by samsonl
Find the date with or without a year and with double or single digit month or day. Easily extendable to other date delimiters and formats.
0 652 posted 11 years ago by pumpkinthehead
Esto es por si estamos desarrollando una aplicación en la cual necesitamos manejar la fecha y hora con javascript.
0 498 posted 11 years ago by jrobinsonc
Using the day "zero" of the next month...
0 473 posted 11 years ago by ashsa
0 506 posted 11 years ago by pflangan
This requires my [date formatting script](http://snipplr.com/view/54806/javascript-date-formatting/). (date).toISO() converts the Date object to an ISO 8601 string Date.fromISO() converts an ISO 8601 string to a Date object
0 624 posted 11 years ago by wizard04
0 413 posted 11 years ago by Wookkie
Translate dates in french in JavaScript
0 868 posted 11 years ago by jbernus
Extend Date object to have isLeapYear() boolean (true for Leap Years) Taken from https://raw.github.com/vitch/jquery-methods/master/date.js
0 424 posted 11 years ago by tomasdev
Format a date into a string using several string variables. Usage: (new Date("6/6/2011")).format("%W, %B %d%o, %Y"); Result: Monday, June 6th, 2011
0 654 posted 11 years ago by wizard04
Example: April 5th, 2011
0 461 posted 12 years ago by trusktr
I always find issue when we want to show date in different format i.e other than mysql default format. (YYYY-MM-DD) using jquery plugin this date format can be converted into any specified date format i.e indian,US,Europe from any html element
0 562 posted 12 years ago by pavanrulz
From webworks, book "CMS Design Using Php and jQuery", page 93
0 360 posted 12 years ago by shinokada
Great for use in site footers.
0 430 posted 12 years ago by batfan
JS to dynamically update year -- good for copyright.
0 486 posted 12 years ago by mennyj
converts date/time that sharepoint kicks out to m/d/y format.
0 502 posted 13 years ago by rumremix
Will convert all of the mysql dates on the page to be localized.
0 493 posted 13 years ago by yisreldov
Creates a DATE and TIME object that can be places on a site. OPEN-SOURCE: Free to download, use, modify and distribute - so long as all Credits/Comments are left INTACT. If you have any thoughts, comments or ideas for this script (or another script...
1 701 posted 13 years ago by darksider
A smart Javascript date picker.
0 523 posted 13 years ago by jaff
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