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Use this no-conflict wrapper instead of the default ready function in JQuery to initialize scripts in your Drupal 7 theme
0 447 posted 10 years ago by chasecrawford
This override function for the default Drupal.toggleFieldset function adds code that looks for instances of TinyMCE inside the fieldset and triggers the autoresize on them when the fieldset is opened. Otherwise TinyMCE renders with a weird height.
0 404 posted 11 years ago by jonathanpglick
quick snippet to select all the check boxes on a drupal permissions page. helpful when setting up a role for Admin
0 397 posted 11 years ago by cwd
Replace and append the following settings in modules/fckeditor/fckeditor.config.js. Has to be re applied after each update.
0 383 posted 13 years ago by zachharkey
Replacement config settings for the Drupal FCKeditor module. Replace contents of .../modules/fckeditor/fckeditor.config.js
0 466 posted 13 years ago by zachharkey
Thanks to [James]( http://www.girsbrain.org/blog ) for this code.
0 402 posted 13 years ago by zachharkey
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