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List only certain files in a folder with PHP Lists only certain files extensions as links on a page from a defined folder
0 144 posted 1 year ago by martinbrait
FAQ Page extension allows you to create separate page with common questions, categorize them, add popular questions, use magento shortcodes in questions text. Customers get nice page with answers for all common questions
0 117 posted 5 years ago by steelgray9
Facebook Comment is a free Magento Extension which allows customers’ comments on your site and products’ information to be posted to customers’ Facebook Walls <p>_ Leave comments in product pages</p> <p>_ A pop-up allows directly logging-in w...
0 133 posted 5 years ago by magestore
Product Instant Search is a free Magento search extension that enables automatically searching right after typing a character and shows the first search result with an “add to cart” form. <p>_ Show other search results in product’s thumbnail i...
0 138 posted 5 years ago by magestore
Magento Geo location store extension is developed by FME for Magento Store. This module allows you automatically redirect your customers to per-defined store set by admin. This can help you in increasing sales as you can show specific products to Geo...
0 108 posted 5 years ago by kates59
Improved Layered Navigation by Amasty is a premium 5-year-old Magento extension, to which you can entrust your navigation. It includes 7 mods: Seo layered navigation Shop by brands Ajax Layered Navigation Layered navigation filt...
0 111 posted 6 years ago by Amasty
Amasty developed AJAX Scroll extension to make catalog navigation much faster and easier.
0 135 posted 6 years ago by Amasty
*Example:* if (!isRewriteMod()) exit('Please install Apache mod_rewrite module.');
0 111 posted 7 years ago by phpdev
Magento Google maps extension allows visitors to track the nearest physical store and get the directions online. It is a useful extension for e-merchants having multiple stores on different locations. The customers can also search for the store by t...
0 124 posted 7 years ago by simonwalker
This extension allows Magento based store owners to give their visitors an advance feature of creating gift registry for their upcoming wedding, engagement or birthday party. The registry creator can share the link of the wish-list on its social netw...
0 105 posted 7 years ago by simonwalker
This extension has been developed by Fme for Magento store owners. This extension enables store owners to post FAQ in separate page as well as under each product page. The customers can post questions, rate, like or comment on existing questions. The...
0 119 posted 7 years ago by simonwalker
The module allows prestashop store owners to place Facebook comment box under each product / post page where users can post comments using their Facebook ID and this helps in reducing number of spam comments.
0 85 posted 7 years ago by fmemodules
This code allows to pass filename in the $file_name variable and function will return file extension only.
0 128 posted 7 years ago by apphp-snippets
Code to verify is PDO extension is installed.
0 109 posted 7 years ago by avenirer
Get file extension from it's name or complete path
2 146 posted 8 years ago by fawazcb
0 91 posted 9 years ago by antti
Embedding Google’s +1 button is pretty easy and straightforward. All it takes is to include 2 code snippets in your web page. One goes in the header of the page, and the other one goes to wherever where you want the +1 button to render. To do so al...
0 95 posted 9 years ago by necode
0 80 posted 9 years ago by soup
1 107 posted 9 years ago by Envo
A flexible way to get the file name without the extension
0 204 posted 9 years ago by donkeykong
0 81 posted 9 years ago by stz184
0 83 posted 9 years ago by lolindirfaelivrin
Given a string of a file name, return the extension
1 107 posted 10 years ago by r4b87
I whipped this up after finding that my worst fears were true, pathinfo is slow. Top that with in_array and you've got your self some heavy code. Nothing like regex to speed things up. This little code checks the extension of a path to see if it i...
0 67 posted 10 years ago by Oldarney
This function works correct with files with no extension.
0 91 posted 10 years ago by kirik
This method is a bit faster and more reliable then using the "explode" method. Works with PHP 4.0.3 and up.
4 119 posted 11 years ago by gdvickery
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