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Sort & query arrays in PHP. Sort multi dimensional arrays by object properties and filter the array by specific criteria. Documentation: https://github.com/mattnicholson/DataList
1 834 posted 8 years ago by mattnicholson
filter out by category ID in Magento
0 586 posted 10 years ago by tomle123
Enter any suspicious IP address that you wanted to check into the form field and press the "LOOKUP" button
1 2079 posted 11 years ago by DNSBL
Requires filter added in ECP 2.1
2 542 posted 11 years ago by nciske
Add current class to single posts in Wordpres wp_nav_menu by adding a filter
0 738 posted 11 years ago by inflightatnight
Allows you to change the name of the "Posts" module within the admin section of WordPress.
0 451 posted 12 years ago by jamiebrwr
0 438 posted 12 years ago by ddabney
This code war written for a project I'm working on where a map of the world may need to be offset to center the view on specific areas. I'm also using it as a part of an iterative blur function to prevent seams from the blur operation. I would lik...
0 508 posted 12 years ago by Jamie
By using this snippet we can recover fields from a database by filtering these ones per a specific field.
1 563 posted 12 years ago by juanchifc
Requires PHP 5.2 with filter_var()
1 642 posted 13 years ago by Calvista
Very simple to use. **Calling:** $files = dirContents(DIR_PATH, [FILTER, [TYPE]]); **Examples:** $files = dirContens("my-dir"); _$files_ is array containing all, both files either directories $files = dirContens("my-dir",...
0 432 posted 13 years ago by Lostindream
In v1.6, the Thesis Theme has a bug which removes a necessary space in the HTML body tag if you add a filter targeting the thesis_body_classes hook. To get the native WP body_class function to work, use this code:
2 763 posted 13 years ago by joelhaus
Function to add custom body class in th Thesis theme for WordPress...Thanks to @girliegeek!
1 659 posted 13 years ago by joelhaus
从数据库中选出大于3小于13的纯字母域名,然后进行过滤,得到双拼域名。 增加一个拼音预判断,过滤掉前两个字母不符合拼音要求的字符串。
0 545 posted 14 years ago by zhengrenchi
// FUNCION BY Ahmet Alp Balkan // http://www.ahmetalpbalkan.com
2 617 posted 14 years ago by prf_q
0 417 posted 15 years ago by manec
Exclude Posts From Some Category 这样就可以在首页中不显示某些类别(比如asides)的帖子了
1 995 posted 17 years ago by championeer
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