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1 454 posted 13 years ago by kopeo
run as callback from form_validation->setrules ex: $this->form_validation->set_rules('cc_number','Credit Card #','required|max_length[20]|callback_alpha_dash_space');
0 516 posted 13 years ago by myke
On Zend Framework you can add options on Select Element on Form.php or Controller Action, and after you can disable it, on Form.php or Controller.php too.
1 854 posted 13 years ago by postNuKe
This worked on the limo site. I need to change the form action for it to work with another project.
0 503 posted 13 years ago by gera3d
1 425 posted 13 years ago by binshtok
There are a lot of snippets if you want countries in a select box (dropdown). I wanted them as check boxes organized by Continent. In my implementation (not represented in this code). I added ajax toggles so that each Continent's countries were hidde...
0 1342 posted 13 years ago by maestrojed
I frequently pass an array of elements from an HTML form to PHP, normally a list of checkboxes for removing database records. This will loop through an array of checkbox's with the same name & build a delimited string from the checked values. Afte...
0 467 posted 13 years ago by verostudios
0 532 posted 13 years ago by akwo
This function returns True if the specified form is open in form view or datasheet view.
0 416 posted 13 years ago by CaptainProton
After i saw this snippet http://snipplr.com/view/33790/form-country-code-select-with-if-selected-test/ i wanted to make the code better :D To make it easier to maintain
0 673 posted 13 years ago by cigraphics
1 647 posted 13 years ago by daipratt
<input> When used instead of my SharePoint: SaveButton above, the form saved it's data correctly, and the current page that the form was submitted from was reloaded for the user. You could also put any URL in the __redirect={} that yo...
0 465 posted 13 years ago by rumremix
Fixes an issue if you have another login form on the page with a password field.
0 773 posted 13 years ago by linusx
Frequently I like to make data more user friendly, so while I make it easy for them to add a date as a shorthand format (mm/dd/yyyy) I like to return it as something easier to digest (Day of Month in Year, etc). This is the simplest way to do that I'...
0 564 posted 13 years ago by xekonic
Function to reset a complete form to there default value.
0 441 posted 13 years ago by frankyfish
jQuery plugin that let you specify a maximum length on a text field and optionaly specify the change the focus when that maximum length has been reach. Nice when making multiple input text to create a telephone form. Example: $("#telephone_1").maxLe...
0 430 posted 13 years ago by frankyfish
Resizing fields using a custom module You could also resize the field using a custom module. For example, if you created mysite.module, you could use something like this to reduce the field size to 30 characters
4 716 posted 13 years ago by marcelodornelas
original source - http://www.filamentgroup.com/lab/update_styling_the_button_element_with_css_sliding_doors_now_with_image_spr/ Overides default styling
0 461 posted 13 years ago by tennison
NOTE: THIS HAS BEEN MOVED TO GITHUB: If you have any ideas or improvements for this script feel free to fork or contribute or discuss over there: https://github.com/adamcoulombe/jquery.customSelect Plugin Download: http://www.adamcoulombe.info...
2 1163 posted 13 years ago by adamcoulombe
1. Use absolute positioning to place label over the text box 2. Hide label except when JS is enabled 3. Use jQuery to hide label when field receives focus
1 468 posted 13 years ago by flicity
1 413 posted 13 years ago by petrafull
Just thought id put up a version of my form validation class. It will be expanded in the future but I thought Id let everyone have a look. # Update 0.1 # * Create Error List Function * Validate Email Address Function * Valida...
0 661 posted 13 years ago by alvincrespo
0 488 posted 13 years ago by Flocke
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