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Simple jQuery snippet for cleanly and automatically setting up your google analytics
4 535 posted 13 years ago by garside
Here's a short program to print a list of all of the documents in your Google Documents account
0 321 posted 14 years ago by hemanthhm
0 349 posted 14 years ago by tamuratetsuya
wiki files accumulate google-navclient-hilite junk created by the search highlighter in the google toolbar. Search the internet for "SPAN id google-navclient-hilite" and expect to see wiki entries with markup junk generated by the google toolbar....
0 532 posted 14 years ago by jimfred
0 339 posted 14 years ago by rodrigo
3 484 posted 14 years ago by jamesming
This is a sample Google Maps API script that shows a base map with city markers, each with a numbered label. The marker is a default, blank red marker with a number label defined by the overlay array. Clicking on a marker takes you to a page define...
1 569 posted 14 years ago by bcalloway
Sample script to use Google API to display a map with multiple marker layers that can be toggled on/off using checkboxes. The map data is provided using the .kml files provided from "My Maps" on Google, or Google Earth files.
2 1374 posted 14 years ago by bcalloway
0 339 posted 14 years ago by matthewnovak
1 557 posted 14 years ago by chrisaiv
Set the center of the map on the person's location based on IP address. In this case the user is required to be in the USA.
0 794 posted 14 years ago by sgraber
2 411 posted 14 years ago by iTony
Properly escapes the query string, according to http://code.google.com/apis/searchappliance/documentation/46/xml_reference.html#appendix_url_escaping
3 622 posted 14 years ago by AndrewVos
Note: most of these will be available to the shell and Rails' console too.
2 540 posted 14 years ago by cczona
A simple code for changing currencies using Google:)
2 446 posted 15 years ago by misnyo
I don't like having the "Open Notebook" text next to the status bar icon of Google Notebook's extension for Firefox. Add this snip to userChrome.css to make it go away!
1 392 posted 16 years ago by CUViper
The code for inserect the Search Box (of Apple Search) on your webpages
0 412 posted 16 years ago by philapple
This is a website specific script... pops up the source of an OPML file with 145+ podcasts. http://www.productivity501.com/2006/11/free_academic_p.html Note: The 'bookmarklet' format is included as a comment at the bottom... (write in a webpage a...
1 401 posted 16 years ago by rolandog
0 490 posted 16 years ago by whitetiger
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