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gt: greater than lte: less than or equal to not IE: <!--[if> -->
0 357 posted 9 years ago by webtechdev
IE Blocking iFrame Cookies
0 386 posted 10 years ago by kiroweb
Ha az internet explorerben nem sikerül a fájl letöltése(olyan hibát dob, hogy nem tudja letölteni), akkor ezt a headerbe kell belerakni és már töltődik is a fájl.
0 333 posted 10 years ago by oozolii
0 326 posted 10 years ago by zreedeecom
To be placed in template.php preprocess_page function.\\r\\n\\r\\nBreaks stylesheets into 2 style tags with limit of 30 @imports each. IE has a limitation of 31 @imports or 31 style tags. (source: [http://john.albin.net/ie-css-limits/single-style-tes...
1 309 posted 11 years ago by resting
0 265 posted 12 years ago by metoikos
Memory leakage in IE6/7 if the event handlers are not purged before deleting an element.
0 335 posted 12 years ago by iTony
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