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Each image is positioned, dimensioned, and repeated according to the comma separated values in the other background properties. The images in the list are layered front to back in the same order they are listed in the rule declaration. If a backgroun...
0 270 posted 7 years ago by COBOLdinosaur
One of the great methods to load and work with icons in web pages is to load one image that is a collection of several icons and use any icon as needed, that reduces the number of server request and save bandwidth.
1 233 posted 7 years ago by codingforever99
0 182 posted 9 years ago by ajbatac
0 152 posted 9 years ago by Savio
this centers an image of unknown size vertically and horizontally within a box
1 224 posted 9 years ago by alp
0 115 posted 10 years ago by Yahosh
Cross browser css round corners with no images, using google's code .htc http://code.google.com/p/curved-corner/
4 159 posted 10 years ago by crispunk
Ever needed to use to background images in a table or div? It is possible b just using css. Although this is yet to be a standard safari will allow you to apply 2! Css backgrounds, however IE, FIRFOX and retro opera users will only see 1 !
1 196 posted 11 years ago by scopefragger
This is a really useful techniques for preloading images on your website. Just place this code after the body tag in the CSS file. Everytime you refer to this image in your CSS file the image will be loaded from cache.
1 162 posted 11 years ago by SunilTee
When we can't or won't change the code of image tag with align attribute, but no 'style="margin: 0 10px 10px 0;' or 'hspace=10px' (IMHO, hspace makes bad looking layout in most cases) code within (just pure <img> code), we can use simple CSS rules f...
1 253 posted 11 years ago by kossmoss
A tutorial showing you how to give your images some style using only CSS rather than using Photoshop to give images a border/frame.
1 229 posted 11 years ago by neal_grosskopf
A simple way to create a double-border effect (i.e. for images) in all browsers.
1 175 posted 12 years ago by sidisinsane
Remove that pesky dotted border around img elements, especially images inside <a> / link tags.
4 205 posted 12 years ago by charmcitycoder
I can't remember if this code is updated for IE7, if it is then it should be working in at least IE6-7, Safari 2-3, Opera 8 and Firefox 2-3. Obviously the image_iefix is just for IE6.
2 158 posted 12 years ago by teddyzetterlund
A low-tech but useful technique that uses only CSS. After placing the css in your stylesheet, insert this just below the body tag of your page: "". Whenever the images are referenced throughout your pages they will now be loaded from cache.
65 2663 posted 13 years ago by aznprncritic
copy form maxdesign!
2 243 posted 14 years ago by assbach
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