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One of the limits of using lists (ordered and unordered) is that they have no provision for a heading. You can do something like: <ul>This is a Title<li> etc... but it is invalid because the list containers can only contain List Items. One way common...
0 106 posted 7 years ago by COBOLdinosaur
The nice part about it is that the caption is locked to the image. The figure can be positioned and styled and the caption can be rendered with any affect that can be applied to any other text element.
0 86 posted 7 years ago by COBOLdinosaur
0 88 posted 8 years ago by ayaz
It is quite easy. Download timbthumb and upload to your ftp (e.g: your root folder) Then open your template html. For default template; templates/partials/assets/images.html <strong>find</strong> <code> <img> </code> <strong>change li...
0 81 posted 9 years ago by xenuan
Image will be greyscale and will turn colored when hovered over
1 85 posted 13 years ago by sondosia
based on http://snipplr.com/view.php?codeview&id=1460, but actually works stright out of the box
13 170 posted 13 years ago by deadmoon
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