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Saving the IP as Int we save a lot of space and permit do beautibul selects
2 297 posted 12 years ago by Eloi
Set the center of the map on the person's location based on IP address. In this case the user is required to be in the USA.
0 483 posted 13 years ago by sgraber
uses nslookup to find the IP of the domain
1 344 posted 13 years ago by rwczippy
A simple method of validating an IP address using PHP and regular expressions
2 975 posted 13 years ago by aristoworks
1 282 posted 14 years ago by whitetiger
Useful if you are behind a router, or in a LAN, and you didn't make (or can't have) a direct ppp connection to the ISP. Change "myweb.com" to the correct hostname For example to update zoneedit zone: #update_dns_ip.sh wget -O - --http-user= --ht...
0 378 posted 15 years ago by yuconner
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