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// create a variable to toggle debugging // to use it, just call debug(with,any,optional,parameters) debug(x,y,z); // it will try to guess what type of message to log, or you can specify in the first parameter debug("error",x,y,z);
1 164 posted 5 years ago by brandonjp
IE doesn't like console.log. This fixes that.
1 118 posted 7 years ago by bitsculptor
generischer Handler für die Eventausgabe in der Konsole....
0 129 posted 7 years ago by dejot
Helps to manage console.log debug in js when broswing in IE. If alertFallback is enabled, you can see js alerts appears of vars tracked.
0 133 posted 8 years ago by Simounet
Basically creates a log function on the window object and uses console.log or alert depending on which is supported. Very basic and simple but definitely useful.
0 82 posted 9 years ago by alvincrespo
Activation: con Scope: source.js, source.js.jquery
0 85 posted 9 years ago by divtagged
0 102 posted 10 years ago by viatropos
1 132 posted 10 years ago by tennison
Use to debug javascript in all browsers.
0 79 posted 10 years ago by Meander365
8 187 posted 12 years ago by mdi
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