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In this article I will show you how to use AngularJS and Laravel Blade together. People who have been using AngularJS for a while may know of this solution. However if you are just getting started or have never used Angular with a templating engine...
0 480 posted 7 years ago by CreativePunch
JavaScript code to facilitate dynamic re-sizing of an iframe at the same time as the browser window is re-sized, as well as making sure that the frame scales proportionally to its width and height.
1 343 posted 8 years ago by leodruker
Simulate the $_GET array from php in javascript to get url parameters this way: url= http://localhost/?var1=example $_GET['var1'] will return "example" Just copy and paste the code.
2 491 posted 9 years ago by sergiazow
In javascript there is no function for printing variables like you have PHP, I use print_r and var_dump a lot in PHP for dumping variables so I wanted to create a simular function in javascript.
0 448 posted 9 years ago by satie83
The below script list out the available tags based on the character you enter in the Tag field and the available tags in the array. All the user submitted tags through the Tag form will be stored in an array. Use the below script to enable the auto-c...
1 354 posted 9 years ago by aruldave
Esto es por si estamos desarrollando una aplicación en la cual necesitamos manejar la fecha y hora con javascript.
0 350 posted 9 years ago by jrobinsonc
0 307 posted 10 years ago by danhanly
A simple JSON request to validate a captcha control (using the php plugin provided by Recaptcha)
0 342 posted 11 years ago by stephanepericat
Description print_r - Prints human-readable information about a variable mixed print_r( mixed expression [, bool return] ) print_r() displays information about a variable in a way that's readable by humans. Parameters * expression...
0 318 posted 13 years ago by ianmonge
SEE http://json.org/ for PHP JSON Libraries. grunt knuckle drag brute force ugly escapes for quotes make a php array a json string Produces trailing commas which some Javascript Librarys can't deal with.* _*NOOB NOTE [a comma is added at the...
2 503 posted 14 years ago by inkdeep
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