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<p>Follow these steps to secure your Cakephp Website:</p> <p>*Before you actually start using Security Component functionality, make sure you use $components = array (‘Security’, ‘Auth’) in the array so you can extend its functionality in...
0 637 posted 7 years ago by cakephpexpert
Simple PHP Backdoor Shell // http://www.example.com/shell.php?cmd=dir
0 1639 posted 9 years ago by shopsplash
**Example of use:** if (!isUniversityEmail('[email protected]')) exit('You must have a valid and .edu email address to register for an account.');
1 648 posted 9 years ago by phpdev
To keep up on important incidents on your site without having to dig through server logs the alternative can be custom logs.
0 471 posted 9 years ago by COBOLdinosaur
Nice implementation of Blowfish for storing user passwords to prevent decryption when for example the user database is compromised. Origin: Burak [email protected]
2 699 posted 10 years ago by ptodorov
Insert this in functions.php to remove WordPress version from being output in the header source code
0 478 posted 10 years ago by klagraff
Enter any suspicious IP address that you wanted to check into the form field and press the "LOOKUP" button
1 1673 posted 10 years ago by DNSBL
Encode mailto links and (plain) email addresses on your site and hide them from spambots. Easy to use, plugin works directly when activated. Features * Protect all emails and mailto links * Check posts, widgets, comments and RSS feeds * Encode...
0 640 posted 11 years ago by freelancephp
0 516 posted 11 years ago by kendsnyder
Substitute new_ placeholder in the second line with your new prefix. Run it: http://www.yoursite.com/rename.php and wait until it responds with an OK, usually after a couple of seconds. Delete the rename.php script. Edit the configuration.php file...
0 540 posted 12 years ago by beneberle
If your WordPress blog is outdated even by a few days and there's a security hole in your old version you could be seriously compromised without even knowing it. Trust me. This has happened to two of my clients and the fix is not easy. Usually, once...
0 450 posted 12 years ago by josephknight
This is useful for escaping multiple values in a POST array.
0 470 posted 12 years ago by bradless
Put this at the top of your CodeIgniter models, controllers, libraries and helpers to restrict direct access to them.
1 899 posted 12 years ago by AzizLight
This little function helps to fight common security issue with SQL injections, it can sanitize any global variable like $_POST, $_GET, $_SERVER etc and escape unsafe characters.
5 780 posted 13 years ago by naz
[quote]$_SERVER['HTTP_REFERRER']'s problem is that can be spoofed, but it's better than nothing if you really want that.[/quote]
1 595 posted 13 years ago by luizlopes
2 444 posted 13 years ago by fruehjahr
This was taken out of a presentation by eZ systems on PHP Best Practices
0 437 posted 14 years ago by luizlopes
this is not the ultimate secure way, but it's at least not displaying the email link
3 427 posted 14 years ago by iTony
Don't do it this way. This was written so long ago.
90 4080 posted 15 years ago by llbbl
I got most of these tips out of a great book published by O'Reilly (my favorite web-design publisher): &quot;Programming PHP, 2nd Ed.&quot; by Lerdorf, Tatroe, and McIntyre. Another good book is &quot;Essential PHP Security,&quot; also published by O...
2 846 posted 15 years ago by pckujawa
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