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0 221 posted 10 years ago by nosmk
0 251 posted 10 years ago by falconzy
This snippet replaces all three different version strings in file `verid.h` using regular expressions with the value of properties `$(Major)`, `%(Minor)`, `$(SP)` and `$(Build)` when the property `$(Label)` has value _true_. To run this project you...
0 441 posted 10 years ago by cappellin
SQL query to update *wp_options* records that are specific to the host of a WordPress site. Run this query after copying the DB to another server (if this URL is different). Useful for deploying WordPress from a dev server to a live environment.
1 300 posted 11 years ago by errkk
0 279 posted 11 years ago by jaredyeo
2 318 posted 11 years ago by ChrisCantley
This snippet just updates your tables which infected "<script> </script>" code blocks. You must update all columns one by one.
2 354 posted 11 years ago by emregulcan
this was just an exercise to learn about updating a UIImageView to the desired orientation;the accelerometer was used to detect the movements through the overridden method shouldAutorotateToInterfaceOrientation. wurd.
0 383 posted 11 years ago by rvachere
Drupal allows hook_update_N to run any sort of code. Most of the time, however, people only use this to alter the database scheme. But you can use it for much more. Like setting variables, creating nodes, importing views and so on. This code show...
2 421 posted 11 years ago by berkes
Just replace classic document.ready with pageLoad function as belows: pageLoad function will called on all postback and partial postbacks. So it makes the jquery code no matter what :D Even in update panel.
1 292 posted 11 years ago by delikassap
This snippet allows you to update multiple rows of a database using a single form in one easy click
0 524 posted 12 years ago by daveismyname
1 294 posted 12 years ago by thomasvdb
as a note to self... in order to find it laters... This will only alter the value of fieldname if the conditions in the WHERE clause are met. With replace we only replace a certain string within fieldname with the replace_with string
1 296 posted 12 years ago by iroybot
Variable/Parameter Discussion : msg = Do you want to display a message box if you have the current version? (true/false) currentversion = The version of the program txtdocumentaddress = The text document web address containing the most updated ve...
2 348 posted 12 years ago by brandonio21
Here is a small function that I use to update records in a database. It coincides with the insertFromPost function that I have posted earlier. The element names in the form need to have the same name as in the DB and the field names should all...
1 318 posted 12 years ago by brownrl
More of a setQueryString
0 275 posted 12 years ago by iloveitaly
Bind the DropDownList like normal (set DataSourceID, DataTextField, DataValueField), and <%BIND%> the SelectedValue field. AutoPostBack should be enabled. In the OnSelectedIndexChanged:
0 373 posted 12 years ago by jink
Proje güncellemeden önce güncelleme dosyalarının aranması için filtre, modify date olarak tarihinde verilmesi gerekiyor.
0 284 posted 12 years ago by tenkyu
Very simple snippet to include if you want to auto update the year in a page copyright using PHP.
6 382 posted 12 years ago by 1man
0 268 posted 12 years ago by ginoplusio