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<p>Follow these steps to secure your Cakephp Website:</p> <p>*Before you actually start using Security Component functionality, make sure you use $components = array (‘Security’, ‘Auth’) in the array so you can extend its functionality in...
0 469 posted 6 years ago by cakephpexpert
Translate non alphanumeric characters into an underscore. Doesn't create double underscores if there's two spaces in a row. Also turns name to lowercase. Use with trim to avoid spaces at front or end.
0 424 posted 6 years ago by flatearthcomms
**Example of use:** $bIsConnected = check_internet_connection(); $sText = ($bIsConnected) ? 'You are connected to the Internet.' : 'You are not connected to the Internet.'; echo $sText;
0 1026 posted 8 years ago by phpdev
Use by sending a unix timestamp to countTime(timestamp). It will return something like 40 seconds , 2 weeks, 1 hour. Then just format to your needs like we do in our app: Someone was here 10 minutes ago.
0 342 posted 10 years ago by GeorgeL
0 291 posted 10 years ago by metoikos
1 346 posted 11 years ago by 3k-
Push service is a technology that allows you to send alerts/notifications to a mobile device. Blackberry has its own push service, iPhone has its own, and also Android devices has their own push services (you can learn more on Wikipedia page).\r\nPus...
1 581 posted 11 years ago by ginoplusio
This simply php function will retrieve the links of the images from Google Images searched with a keyword. The function just calls images.google.it and parse the html to find the url of the images, in this case the urls are stored in the javascript,...
0 1177 posted 11 years ago by ginoplusio
This function calls pingomatic rpc service to increase traffic to your site. More info and instructions on [Barattalo blog](http://www.barattalo.it/2010/02/24/ping-pingomatic-com-services-with-php/ "read this post"). .
1 469 posted 11 years ago by ginoplusio
by m13579m
0 369 posted 12 years ago by irm
this function formats a web address for use in a link.<br> echo formatWebAddress("google.com");<br> http://www.google.com/
1 314 posted 12 years ago by jlvallelonga
0 306 posted 12 years ago by pashky
Skor PHP Template class can assign individual variable values or arrays with several variable values. A separate sub-class extends the base class to support delimited template section replacements.
0 284 posted 12 years ago by Agundur
0 266 posted 14 years ago by asteinhaus
I got most of these tips out of a great book published by O'Reilly (my favorite web-design publisher): &quot;Programming PHP, 2nd Ed.&quot; by Lerdorf, Tatroe, and McIntyre. Another good book is &quot;Essential PHP Security,&quot; also published by O...
2 616 posted 14 years ago by pckujawa
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