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This can be used instead of "trace" to populate a text field in addition to the standard trace output. The textfield stays hidden until a selected key combination is pressed, thus allowing you to use it in a staging or, if need be, a production envir...
0 114 posted 11 years ago by Winkyboy
An empty FLA to be repurposed for creating other banners of varying size. Clickable area is resized automatically to fit the stage size, and a sample button with rollover states is included. Looping and loop delay are set according to actionscript v...
0 129 posted 11 years ago by Winkyboy
This is a CS3/AS2 Flash file containing a simple particle system. It requires the use of MC Tween (
0 98 posted 11 years ago by Winkyboy
Because onDragOver in AS2 doesn't really work, here is some script for actually detecting whether the mouse button is held down when rolling over something. NOTE that for ideal usage, you will have to write some actual collision detection between th...
0 78 posted 11 years ago by Winkyboy
This function takes a string containing a date in "mm/dd/yyyy" or "m/d/yyyy" format and converts it to a date object in AS2.
0 174 posted 12 years ago by Winkyboy
I'm not sure where this comes from, although it looks official. It's easy to implement, but to change the height of the scrollbar you have to delve into the developer assets folder within the FLA.
1 85 posted 12 years ago by Winkyboy
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