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In the User settings, there is a web form called Contact Info. It has input fields for the user’s AIM account, Yahoo IM account, and so on. But how about Twitter? What about Facebook? Out of the box, the Contact Info panel doesn’t have these i...
0 610 posted 12 years ago by blueocto
This is a great place to add your own custom Help text for a client. You can even customize it for different Admin panels. For example, you can add a different Help text for the Add New Post panel and another one for the Comments panel. Here’s h...
0 551 posted 12 years ago by blueocto
It’s possible to disable it conditionally for each WordPress user by going to Users > Your Profile. However, if you want to remove it completely, you can add the following filter:
0 557 posted 12 years ago by blueocto
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