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This script is a nice balance between validating data and speed.
1 357 posted 11 years ago by chrisaiv
Migrating a Rails app from Development to Production can sometimes be a real pain. One way I help reduce headache is by copying all the necessary Rails files to make it a self-contained unit (Freezing). If I need to make version changes later, I si...
0 304 posted 11 years ago by chrisaiv
Here are a few examples of how to install my favorite rails plug-ins from GIT. The alternative solution is to simply use gem --and have the plugin available throughout all of my rails applications-- but I prefer to have my applications living as sel...
0 394 posted 11 years ago by chrisaiv
In an effort to stay DRY, here's a simple way to organize your main navigation.
0 260 posted 11 years ago by chrisaiv
Use this as a way to detect iPhone users using Rails 2+. This should live in your /controllers/application_controller.rb (class ApplicationController < ActionController::Base). You also need to modify your mime type.
2 482 posted 11 years ago by chrisaiv
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