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  1. FAV

    mootools dropdownify

    So recently I was asked to change a navigation style of an existing site to drop-down menus. Simple, I thought, just use one of the many existing drop-down plugins. I tried many, but most seemed to use hardcoded styles and I had a few problems (so...
    JavaScript 3 views posted 9 years ago dom111
  2. FAV

    autoPopulate 0.1 - Automatically populate form fields using a bookmarklet

    I\'m constantly testing forms over and over for one reason or another, and am fed up with making a typo and autocomplete not populating all the data, so I made this little snippet. It searches for form elements on the page (input, textarea and select...
    JavaScript saved by 4 people 4 views posted 9 years ago dom111
  3. FAV

    JSS 0.1 - Nested CSS using Javascript

    Ever wanted nested stylesheets? I have! Now you can have them! If you code your stylesheets as JSON and parse them using JSS 0.1. You could have the following: JSS({ 'html': { 'body': { background: '#ff...
    JavaScript 2 views posted 10 years ago dom111
  4. FAV

    Webkit (Safari) - Speed Dial bookmarklet

    A bookmarklet that enabled a speed dial storing the data in webkit's SQL engine. There are bugs and a few conditions, read: [](
    JavaScript saved by 1 person 2 views posted 11 years ago dom111
  5. FAV

    submitEvents - Javascript form submission handler

    Requires Mootools 1.2<br/> Based on the mootools javascript framework a re-usable class for easily implementing an array of on submit events. * Confirmation - Provides an Ok, Cancel input box before proceeding furt...
    JavaScript saved by 16 people 3 views posted 11 years ago dom111
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