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The following technical tip shows how php developers can protect their word documents in cloud using Aspose for Cloud SDK in php.
0 41 posted 5 years ago by johansonkatherine
The following code sample shows how developers can replace multiple texts in a single API call in a PDF file using Aspose.Pdf for Cloud API in their applications. Developers can use Aspose REST API with any language: .NET, Java, PHP, Ruby, Rails, Pyt...
0 89 posted 5 years ago by johansonkatherine
Aspose.PDF for Cloud API has released PHP SDK which allows PHP developers to convert PDF files uploaded to a remote server to other formats. You can pass URL and format parameters to specify the PDF’s URL and output format and use the PUT method of...
0 142 posted 5 years ago by johansonkatherine
Mail merge allows you to produce document (potentially large numbers of documents) from a single template and a structured data source. The letter may be sent out to many recipients with small changes, such as a change of address or a change in the g...
0 35 posted 6 years ago by johansonkatherine
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