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submitEvents - Javascript form submission handler

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Requires Mootools 1.2<br/>

Based on the mootools javascript framework a re-usable class for easily implementing an array of on submit events.

  • Confirmation - Provides an Ok, Cancel input box before proceeding further
  • Submit Button - Disable and change the text on a submit button
  • Information Div - Display a div that lets the user know something is happening
  • Undo - Undo the changes (re-enable a previously disabled submit button, change the information div) that have been carried out by the class
  • AJAX - Submit the form using AJAX instead of the ‘old fashioned’ way

This work is released under the creative commons share alike license.

Requires Mootools 1.2<br/>

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Posted By: dom111 on August 14, 2008

There were some problems in IE6 running this class, script has been updated to work properly now...

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