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request memory support limits

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tcpsndbuf QoS

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  1. Thank you for your inquiry. The tcpsndbuf parameter is listed as, "The total size of send buffers for TCP sockets, i.e. the amount of kernel memory allocated for the data sent from an application to a TCP socket, but not acknowledged by the remote side yet." We have an article below detailing a list of system parameters on your server:
  5. I have seen this explained on forums as, "There are many active (i.e. passing data) TCP connections.". You can take a look and the Send-Q and Recv-Q columns in the following command to see what connections are currently active:
  7. netstat -tpe
  9. Because of your large amount of traffic you are probably sending information to a large number of destinations at once. Sometimes scripts using many TCP connections, (like mail scripts) can cause this, or file downloads that take a while to complete.
  11. The quick fix would be to upgrade your server to a (dv) Extreme within the Account Center which will increase that limit and double your memory, and you can upgrade/downgrade your server at any time, on the fly. I recommend reviewing your server for more information, although this issue will not prevent services from running it can cause a degradation in network performance while this limit is reached.
  13. We have a very informative and helpful community in the (mt) User Forums. I encourage you to join and connect with other users. For information on how to join the (mt) Media Temple Forums please visit
  15. If you have any further questions regarding your (mt) Media Temple services please feel free to contact us at any time.

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