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Time-stamp configuration

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Turn on time-stamp updating, set the format of the time stamp.

  1. ;;;Turn on time-stamp updating. Timestamp must be in first 8 lines of file and look like:
  2. ;;; Time-stamp: <>
  3. (add-hook 'write-file-hooks 'time-stamp)
  5. ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
  6. (setq time-stamp-format ; format of the stamp
  7. ;;use describe-variable for info
  8. "[%f] modified by Noah Sussman on %:a, %:y.%02m.%02d at %02H : %02M : %02S on %s"
  9. time-stamp-active t ; update timestamps
  10. time-stamp-warn-inactive t) ; warn if unable

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