AS3 FLVPlayback and FLVPlaybackCaptioning Demo

/ Published in: ActionScript 3
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This demo expects there to be 10 video UI components on the stage ('playPauseBtn', 'stopBtn', 'backBtn', 'forwardBtn', 'seekBar', 'captionBtn', 'fullScreenBtn', 'muteBtn', 'volumeBar' and 'bufferingBar') these can all be skinned as required. You also need to have instances of the FLVPlayback and FLVPlaybackCaptioning components in the library (these will be added to the stage at runtime using ActionScript).

In this example, we are looking for an external FLV file called 'sample_video.flv' and an external XML file called 'captions_en.xml'. A good tool for creating captions (TimedText XML files) for FLV file is Captionate (

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