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Magento Multivendor Marketplace Extension by Knowband

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If you own a Magento store and looking forward to create a marketplace like Etsy and eBay, then, Knowband has the smartest solution for you. Knowband’s Magento multi-vendor marketplace extension can convert your eCommerce store into a thriving marketplace without making any code changes in the site. With the multi-seller compatibility, the site owners can now sell a larger number of products without maintaining any inventory. The order processing and shipment are the responsibility of the third-party sellers while the tracking and management can be done by the admin from the back-end of the Magento marketplace extension.

Features offered by Magento marketplace extension by Knowband

  1. The Magento multi-vendor marketplace module upgrades the site into an online marketplace at a few button clicks.
  2. The Magento multi sellers marketplace extension offers easy customization and management.
  3. The sellers can register just by filling up a form and the admin can approve/disapprove their profile with the help of Magento multi-vendor marketplace plugin.
  4. The seller can request to add the product and category. The request can be processed from the backend of the Magento marketplace module.
  5. The admin gets an option to view the entire transaction of the store and the performance of an individual seller and product as well.
  6. The Magento multi-vendor marketplace extension offers easy feedback and review management.
  7. The commission a be easily fixed and managed by the admin with the help of the Magento marketplace extension.
  8. The Magento marketplace module enables the sellers to add social links as well.
  9. The Magento multi-vendor marketplace extension offers several default email templates to keep the sellers notified.

Extended features offered by the new version of Knowband’s Magento marketplace plugin:

  1. The upgraded version of the Magento multi-vendor marketplace extension allows the store admin to track the category-wise as well as the seller-wise commission.

  2. If the functionality is enabled from the admin interface of the Magento marketplace module, then, the sellers can import/export the product details in bulk.

  3. Additionally, the sellers even get an option to raise a payout request in case of any from the dashboard.

  4. If required, the their-party vendors can temporarily disable their shop. However, the store admin gets an option to disapprove of the vacation mode request with Magento multi seller marketplace extension.

  5. The sellers can even fix the threshold limit for the stock if this feature is allowed by the admin from the back-end of the Magento marketplace plugin. Below the fixed limit, the stock of the products will be highlighted in red.

  6. With the upgraded version of the Magento extension, the sellers even get an option to adding custom shipping options if required.

  7. Sellers can display the Upsell and Cross-Sell products at the product page and checkout page to enhances the sale.

  8. To distinguish taxable and Non- taxable items, sellers can add the products in different tax classes.

Moreover, the Magento Marketplace extension is now compatible with the Magento Marketplace mobile app builder. The mobile app provides a list of sellers and their products at the Marketplace. Customers can send the seller review from the product listing page and product page.

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