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Magento eBay Integrator by Knowband

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Magento eBay integration extension makes it easier for the online sellers to connect their stores with the eBay marketplace. The eBay Magento API integrator provides an automated interface to the store admin that enables them to sync their store data with the eBay marketplace. The Magento eBay integration plugin offered by Knowband is the fastest means to establish a flawless connection with one of the biggest online marketplace. eBay is one of the most popular marketplaces after Amazon. Knowband allows the Magento store owners to expand their reach and find a larger audience base with the least hassle.

Features of eBay Magento Integrator Extension:

  1. Easy Integration: Magento eBay API Integrator connects the Magento eCommerce store and eBay marketplace which helps sellers to list their products on the marketplace website in just a few easy steps.

  2. Real-Time Synchronization: The real-time synchronization feature of the Magento eBay connector module helps admin to manage the whole process from the back-end itself without even visiting the eBay website.

  3. Manage Profiles: The profile listing feature of Magento eBay connector add-on helps admin to change the profile accordingly from back-end and also helps to upload products in bulk.

  4. Manage Product Inventory: The admin can easily manage the product inventory and prices by making changes in the profile from the back-end of on Magento eBay extension.

  5. View product listing from the backend: Admin has the authority to view the list of all the products from the back-end without visiting the marketplace with the help of Magento eBay integrator addon.

  6. Track no. of orders: The eBay Magento connector plugin allows admin to keep a check on the number of orders placed and can process these orders directly from the Magento store.

  7. Hassle-free product mapping: Admin can easily map the products of his store to the eBay marketplace via eBay Magento API Integrator. The mapping option helps in bulk uploading of the products in a few easy steps.

  8. Track Errors: The Magento eBay integrator addon helps admin to track the errors that occurred while product listing.

  9. Set Cron Jobs: Admin can set cron jobs to sync the shipping methods of it’s Magento store with the marketplace with the help of Magento eBay integrator extension.

  10. Set Multiple shipping methods: The shipping management feature of the Magento eBay connector extension allows admin to set multiple shipping methods for the eBay store.

For more Magento extensions, visit Knowband. Contact us at [email protected] for any query or custom change request as per your business requirement.

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